Pro-Series Finishes

The creative world of render. Our Pro-Series aims to give our clients more options, and really showcases how render can be used creatively, utilizing the beautiful natural materials and decorative finishes that are now available in the architectural coatings field. An added benefit of natural material finishes is that they are based on clay or lime and are free of dangerous chemicals, producing no odors or residual off-gassing.

Recent years have seen a trend emerge in which rendering is being used to feature internal walls, is being used in bathrooms and kitchens and now offers a very broad range of creative finishes. The mood and character of a room can be completely changed just by adding an interesting and textured render feature. These beautiful and unique finishes can also be used on external features producing some amazing results.

Working with some of these natural materials, such as ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster or Marrakesh, is a highly specialized skill that requires product-specific training and these finishes can only be applied by trained Artisans. Jared is a certified Artisan, he has had comprehensive training in the application of these materials and is part of a network of skilled craftspeople, able to offer these finishes.


ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster is interesting and dramatic, it is a highly polished glass like finish that gives the illusion of depth and texture. When a concrete colour is used, it will achieve the highly polished cement render or polished concrete render industrial look that has become very popular in recent years. Other colours can create some very beautiful and interesting results also, sometimes even giving the illusion of marble. Venetian Plaster is opulent and stunning.


ROCKCOTE Marrakesh is a beautiful product that will achieve a natural, earthy and rustic appearance with the option to also be polished, should a more contemporary look be desired. Marrakesh is a traditional lime plaster that is very versatile and enables the Artisan to create a broad range of different finishes. It also has the benefit of being able to be used in wet areas such as bathrooms. It is truly beautiful to look at.


German Smear is a finish that creates a look reminiscent of a country farmhouse. It is applied over brickwork and allows some of the brickwork to show through. This finish can be applied externally for a very specific look or on internal brick walls as an interesting feature. Rustic, earthy and industrial.


Natural Stone finishes will achieve a highly textured natural look of stone with a range of decorative finishes made from marble, stone and other naturally sourced minerals. For example, Marble Trowel On provides a coloured texture finish using naturally sourced coloured marble chips, ideal for use on feature columns or walls, or even front facades.


ROCKCOTE Clay Plaster is a fine finishing natural clay plaster that glistens in the light due to the addition of marble dust. This finish is very textural, bringing a rustic warmth. Many unique effects can be created by adding in other materials such as shells for a very interesting finish.


ROCKCOTE Osumigaki is a polished earthen lime finish. It is subtly elegant with warmth and lustre, naturally creating textural depth.


ROCKCOTE Concrete Finish achieves an industrial concrete appearance and is perfect for feature walls. Unlike Venetian Plaster which is highly polished, this concrete finish has more of a low sheen. Edgy and industrial.